How to register with a GP and why

Are you living in London and you don´t have a GP yet? Welcome to the club!! We took ages to register with a GP. But now you have no more excuses. It is easier than you think and we are going to try to make it even easier with this article.


How to register with a GP and why

Having a GP in London is a basic necessity. If you want to see a specialist or have a non-urgent inquiry are going to need one because hospitals will not treat you. Fortunately, all UK residents are entitled to receive free public health service.

The first thing you need to do is find the closest GP on the NHS (National Health Service) website. Enter your zip code in the search box and get a list of the nearest health centers to your home. The website offers lots of information and specifies what services each of the centres offers, schedules, reviews from other patients, etc . We recommend you choose a clinic where there are more than 2 or 3 doctors. You must also keep in mind that some medical centers not accepting new patients.


Once you have chosen the GP, you have two options. You can call them or go there personally. Some of the requirements you will need are a proof of identity (ID card, passport, visa or driving license) and a proof of residence to confirm that you live in UK (it can be the internet bill, council tax, your payslip or even a bank letter with your name and address on it). Once submitted the documents, you will have to fill out a form called “NHS Family Doctor Services Registration” (or you can download it here) and you will be able to book an appointment with the nursery in order to complete your ‘New Patient Health Check’.

Thie health check is another simple procedure. Once you ‘re there the nurse will measure and weigh you and she will analise you urine. It will take only about 10 minutes. Probably you will spend more time in the waiting room but anything is better than the long waiting hours in the hospitals.


As you can see it is not complicated at all. Anyway, if you really need to go to the doctor and you don´t have a GP assigned yet, there are a few other options:

Walk-in centres

If you are a EU resident they will accept you no matter if you live in UK or you are just visiting the city. They will treat you even if you don´t have an appointment but you will have to wait your turn depending on the urgency of your illness. Be ready for a long queue. Here you can find a list of the walk-in centres of London.


If you have an urgency is better you go straight away to the hospital. You will also fin long queues. The emergency number in UK is 999.

Translator service

If your English is not good yet or you have problems to make you understand with your GP, NHS has an advice and information line in 150 different languages: 0845 46 47. You can also book a translator for your next appointment with your doctor.


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