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London Curiosities: Stories and legends

Today we bring you the second chapter of our section: London Curiosities. At the first one we gave answers to the most frequently questions about London, today we focus on the stories and legends behind this city that still retains its aura of mystery. 

The Londo Stone


According to the legend, The Stone of London ensures the city will keep its prosperity as long as the stone is safe. It is believed this stone was orinigally in central London when the city was under the Roman Empire, and survived the great fire of London in 1666 and the Nazis bombs. Now the stone remains sadly forgotten in Cannon Street.



London Curiosities: Knowing a bit more about the city


Do you think you know everything about London? Don’t be so sure. Today we start a new section on the blog, where you will discover, through different post, curiosities about the city. You may already know some of them, but others will possibly surprise you. But they will definitely be very useful if you have to be a tourist guide for family or friends visiting the city. How many times have you been asked for questions like: why the British drive on the opposite side of the road? or, why all the buildings are made of brick? In our first installment we will answer some of those frequently asked questions, to discover the rest will have to wait for later posts 😉