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London rock and pop locations


Most of the great pop and rock groups of the last half century have emerged in London. The pop -rock revolution of the 60’s gave Lonson the reputation of an alive and vibrant city with the famous ‘Swinging London’. It was a youth-oriented phenomenon that emphasized the new and modern coinciding with a period of optimism and hedonism that led to a cultural revolution.

London is the city where the first and original Hard Rock Cafe was created and where you can find the famous Abbey Road Studios where The Beatles recorded several of their greatest hits. In this post we will look at London locations associated with great musicians and British groups such as Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, Eric Clapton, Sex Pistols o The Rolling Stones. We’ll show you the places where they began their careers, where they lived or even the actual address of some of them.



Comic Con: The comic fan’s paradise

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Are you a big fan of comic books, anime, video games and/or sci-fi? If the answer is yes, you can mark the last weekend of this month with a big red circle. From 25 to 27 October London will host the largest European convention about these genres, the MCM London Comic Con, which annually attracts fans and professionals to make an appointment on the world of entertainment (comics, movies, video, etc). This is a great party, where you can discover the latest trends in the comic book while enjoying a fantasy atmosphere full of characters from the most varied fiction stories.


10 Great cheap things to do in London


Unfortunately summer is finishing (sorry I didn’t mean to depress anyone), the sun is hiding and the summer plans are over. Outdoor cinema and opera, a day at the swimming pool or a bbq in the park are some of the plans that we have been proposing over the summer. But surely you have already discovered that London is a city very rich in possibilities which offers thousands of alternatives, even when the weather is not so good… If you have run out of ideas but you’re tired of the routine (going to the same pub, going to a cinema to watch the latest release), here there is a list of the best great things you can do in the city:


Bohemian trip with FirstThursdays


As you may know, one of London’s greatest attractions is the large number of museums, galleries and other cultural institutions that the city has, which are great attractions for tourists, who like the fact that they are free.

In London you can find the oldest public museum in the world (the famous British Museum) or the most controversial graffiti hidden in an alley in the legendary borough of Brick Lane. A wide range of possibilities that includes thousands of galleries and artists’ studios, characteristic for its fascinating avant-garde activity where you will find exceptional exhibitions.


Escaping from London: Destination, Canterbury


A few days ago we published a Post talking about our one-day-trip in Oxford. We enjoyed a lot escaping, at least during a few hours, from this stressful city. We needed to repeat the experience before the summer ends so we planned everything and, taking advantage of a sunny day, we left London. Destination: Canterbury.

Canterbury is located in the South East of England, 100 km away from London (if you draw a straight line in the map) or less than two hours by National Express Coach. It belongs to the county of Kent and it is famous because it is the main religious center in the UK and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, spiritual leader of the Church of England (Canterbury is to Anglicans the same that Rome is for Catholics). Its cathedral is impressive. It was an important center of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages (which continues today) and became famous in Geoffrey Chaucer´s play “The Canterbury Tales”.