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Hyde Park on wheels


Doesn’t happen to you that when you make a plan it seems that everything is against you to carry it out ? Well, that just happened to us with the desire to make a cycling tour through a park in London. Work , weather , holidays in Spain and an injured knee , insisted on making things difficult. And, not need to hide it, my fear of not being able to take two pedaled without falling down and get any of my bones out of joint , after more than a decade without riding on a bicycle. everithing was against us. Although the idea that my sidekick, María, is more expert than me in these matters. Even last year she used to ride a bike to get to work (when we were working togheter), something that I always admired. 

The idea was to make a bike route using the Barclays Cycle Hire service, that since 2010 allows Londoners who do not have their own bike travel around the city with this transport. This sistem colloquially known as Boris Bikes, after the name of the mayor who implemented them in the city, has about 570 stations and 8000 bikes in central London, in zones 1 and 2



Escaping from London: Destination, Canterbury


A few days ago we published a Post talking about our one-day-trip in Oxford. We enjoyed a lot escaping, at least during a few hours, from this stressful city. We needed to repeat the experience before the summer ends so we planned everything and, taking advantage of a sunny day, we left London. Destination: Canterbury.

Canterbury is located in the South East of England, 100 km away from London (if you draw a straight line in the map) or less than two hours by National Express Coach. It belongs to the county of Kent and it is famous because it is the main religious center in the UK and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, spiritual leader of the Church of England (Canterbury is to Anglicans the same that Rome is for Catholics). Its cathedral is impressive. It was an important center of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages (which continues today) and became famous in Geoffrey Chaucer´s play “The Canterbury Tales”.


Oxford: the perfect getaway


As you could see, those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram last Saturday we made a one day getaway to Oxford. This town is world famous for its impressive and respected university, the oldest in the English-speaking world. Although it is unknown the exact date of foundation, there is evidence of academic activity since the 1096, so it has almost a century of history. A century in which its colleges have seen pass through its corridors to twenty-six prime ministers of the country and such notable personalities as Oscar Wilde, JRR Tolkien or Stephen Hawking.

It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in British culture and get away from the big city, walking through the beautiful gardens and discover the buildings that host the brightest minds in the country.


Bbq in the park


To keep the custom (and before the sun disappears until next year) we will devote a few more lines to outdoor activities because we are sure you don´t want to miss this awesome weather (neither do we!!).

In today’s post we will list the best parks and cityscapes, as London has around 1800 parks, gardens and open spaces (or what is the same, 30% of the area) that offer residents and tourists in the capital a perfect balance between urban greatness and nature.


Get lost in the Neighbourhood


Si en cualquier ciudad o pueblo el verano es la época del año propicia para disfrutar de las calles, de largos paseos, de cerveza en las terracitas, etc, aquí en Londres se convierte en la única época en la que posible, a menos que seas nivel avanzado en aclimatación, o que esa cerveza se convierta en unas cuantas que te ayuden a entrar en calor. En esta entrada os proponemos disfrutar de las calles de un barrio londinense que sólo existe durante el verano. Se trata del  Neighbourhood Festival, y aunque no sea un barrio propiamente dicho, sino un festival de verano, des  de aquí le adjudicamos el honor de ser el barrio más inteligente de la ciudad. Este espacio lúdico abre sus puertas hasta el 8 de septiembre en el Southbank Centre.

A lo largo del verano,  este festival celebra lo que significa vivir en un vecindario y formar parte de una comunidad, invitando a todo aquel que se acerque a compartir sus experiencias, talentos y energía. Para ello, el Southbank Centre se transforma y recrea las calles de un barrio convencional, vivo y lleno de actividades para todos sus públicos.

If in any city or town summer is the proper time of year to enjoy the streets, long walks, a beer in terraces, etc., here in London becomes the only time when it is possible, unless you are in the acclimatization advanced level, or that beer becomes a few to help you get warm. In this post we intend you to enjoy the streets of a London borough that exists only during the summer. This is the Neighbourhood Festival, and even if it is not an actual neighbourhood, but a summer festival, from here we ascribe it the honor of being the smartest neighborhood of the city. This space is open until September 8 at the Southbank Centre.

Throughout the summer, this festival celebrates what it means to be a community and to live in neighborhoods. They invite people to share their experiences, talents and energy. For this the Southbank Centre is transformed into a neighbourhood, full of life and activities for all audiences.