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London rock and pop locations


Most of the great pop and rock groups of the last half century have emerged in London. The pop -rock revolution of the 60’s gave Lonson the reputation of an alive and vibrant city with the famous ‘Swinging London’. It was a youth-oriented phenomenon that emphasized the new and modern coinciding with a period of optimism and hedonism that led to a cultural revolution.

London is the city where the first and original Hard Rock Cafe was created and where you can find the famous Abbey Road Studios where The Beatles recorded several of their greatest hits. In this post we will look at London locations associated with great musicians and British groups such as Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, Eric Clapton, Sex Pistols o The Rolling Stones. We’ll show you the places where they began their careers, where they lived or even the actual address of some of them.



Hyde Park on wheels


Doesn’t happen to you that when you make a plan it seems that everything is against you to carry it out ? Well, that just happened to us with the desire to make a cycling tour through a park in London. Work , weather , holidays in Spain and an injured knee , insisted on making things difficult. And, not need to hide it, my fear of not being able to take two pedaled without falling down and get any of my bones out of joint , after more than a decade without riding on a bicycle. everithing was against us. Although the idea that my sidekick, María, is more expert than me in these matters. Even last year she used to ride a bike to get to work (when we were working togheter), something that I always admired. 

The idea was to make a bike route using the Barclays Cycle Hire service, that since 2010 allows Londoners who do not have their own bike travel around the city with this transport. This sistem colloquially known as Boris Bikes, after the name of the mayor who implemented them in the city, has about 570 stations and 8000 bikes in central London, in zones 1 and 2