Keep calm & Merry Christmas!!!

Oxford Street lights

 Like every year Christmas is making itself a space among us slowly. Most of you maybe have noticed some signs already like the appearance of clothing, decoration and Christmas food in stores, Christmas lights in a few corners,… But since yesterday we can say that Christmas is installed to stay in London, at least for a month and a half.

Traditionally, the holiday season starts with the lighting of Oxford Street. And yesterday the Londoner singer Jessie J was in charge of flicking the switch to kick off the most beautiful season in the city for us (leaving the cold side).

But not only Oxford Street is a symbol of Christmas in London, other streets an areas of the city also offer decorations worthy of being part of our Christmas cards. A few meters from Oxford Street you will find Carnaby Street, that yesterday also inaugurated its holiday season filled with hundreds robins that fly over the heads of passersby.



Universe Superheroes Fireworks at Legoland


A few weeks ago we published a post in which we talked about one of the best theme parks in England, called Thorpe Park, and located a few miles from London . Today we recommend you to visit another one as captivating as Thor Park. It is called Legoland. As you can guess from the name, Legoland is a theme park that belongs to the famous LEGO toy company and represents reproductions of world famous buildings , such as the Statue of Liberty or the Pantheon in Athens as well as Lego and Duplo animals . Located in Windsor, Legoland opened in 1996 on the former Windsor Safari Park site, an animal theme park that the LEGO Group bought.

But Legoland is not only a theme park for children. The Resort has roller coasters and all kinds of attractions. Moreover, they organize many events throughout the year for children and adults, such as acrobatics or thematic fireworks. This year Windsor fireworks will take place on two consecutive weekends . On 26th and 27th October and the 1st and 2nd November from 18:30 Fireworks will illuminate the sky above Windsor for only 34 pounds per head. If you missed the first weekend you still have a second chance. But hurry up , you must book in advance and there is not much time left!!


Comic Con: The comic fan’s paradise

comic con n

Are you a big fan of comic books, anime, video games and/or sci-fi? If the answer is yes, you can mark the last weekend of this month with a big red circle. From 25 to 27 October London will host the largest European convention about these genres, the MCM London Comic Con, which annually attracts fans and professionals to make an appointment on the world of entertainment (comics, movies, video, etc). This is a great party, where you can discover the latest trends in the comic book while enjoying a fantasy atmosphere full of characters from the most varied fiction stories.


Trick or treat?


In a couple of weeks will be held one of the most popular traditions of England: Halloween. Despite being a very ancient festival, it has changed a lot and the Haloween we know has nothing to do with the one our grandparents used to celebrate. Today (due to the influence we receive through American Movies) is known as the one night of the year When ghosts, witches, and fairies are especially active. One night in which people dressed in costumes and pumpkin-shaped lanterns take the streets of the city giving it a creepy atmosphere. However, the roots of this tradition are very different. 


London Curiosities: Knowing a bit more about the city


Do you think you know everything about London? Don’t be so sure. Today we start a new section on the blog, where you will discover, through different post, curiosities about the city. You may already know some of them, but others will possibly surprise you. But they will definitely be very useful if you have to be a tourist guide for family or friends visiting the city. How many times have you been asked for questions like: why the British drive on the opposite side of the road? or, why all the buildings are made of brick? In our first installment we will answer some of those frequently asked questions, to discover the rest will have to wait for later posts 😉