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Bohemian trip with FirstThursdays


As you may know, one of London’s greatest attractions is the large number of museums, galleries and other cultural institutions that the city has, which are great attractions for tourists, who like the fact that they are free.

In London you can find the oldest public museum in the world (the famous British Museum) or the most controversial graffiti hidden in an alley in the legendary borough of Brick Lane. A wide range of possibilities that includes thousands of galleries and artists’ studios, characteristic for its fascinating avant-garde activity where you will find exceptional exhibitions.



Cinema under the stars

Nomad Cinema

Now, that it seems summer has finally settle in London with us, who wants to stay home?. Londoners and foreigners are looking to spend as much time as possible out of our winter shelters, and we focus on those plans that allow us to enjoy this wonderful weather, which unfortunately does not last forever.

Today we suggest you to move outside one typical indoor activity: cinema. Although we really enjoy a popcorn and cinema session, we are reluctant to shut ourselves within four walls to enjoy our hobby (it’s so hot!). But London always has an answer to our prayers. Knowing that all its inhabitants are eager to enjoy outdoors activities, the city offers a plan that we can not resist, summer cinema. During these summer months, the city has not only an outdoor sinema, but several, and in different areas of the city.