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Bbq in the park


To keep the custom (and before the sun disappears until next year) we will devote a few more lines to outdoor activities because we are sure you don´t want to miss this awesome weather (neither do we!!).

In today’s post we will list the best parks and cityscapes, as London has around 1800 parks, gardens and open spaces (or what is the same, 30% of the area) that offer residents and tourists in the capital a perfect balance between urban greatness and nature.



Cinema under the stars

Nomad Cinema

Now, that it seems summer has finally settle in London with us, who wants to stay home?. Londoners and foreigners are looking to spend as much time as possible out of our winter shelters, and we focus on those plans that allow us to enjoy this wonderful weather, which unfortunately does not last forever.

Today we suggest you to move outside one typical indoor activity: cinema. Although we really enjoy a popcorn and cinema session, we are reluctant to shut ourselves within four walls to enjoy our hobby (it’s so hot!). But London always has an answer to our prayers. Knowing that all its inhabitants are eager to enjoy outdoors activities, the city offers a plan that we can not resist, summer cinema. During these summer months, the city has not only an outdoor sinema, but several, and in different areas of the city.


Who said there are not swimming pools in London?


The real summer is finally here!! Is it too hot and you need to cool off? Do you like the beach or you prefer the swimming pool? If you like the swimming pool, London is the perfect city for you!! Britain´s capital has got many of public swimming pools and lidos around the city. Don´t miss them!

Grab some beer and Doritos and chill out with your friends!! But hurry up, you know the summer in London doesn´t last very long…


The Rolling Stones, back to Hyde Park


44 years and one day after their legendary concert in Hyde Park, the Rolling Stones returned last Saturday to the iconic London’s park.  Despite their wrinkles, and their age  (all members are in their seventies) Their Satanic Majesties carried out an energetic two-hours gig. Their offered high doses of rock & roll to the tens of thousands fans who would not miss the show.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Ron Wood and Charlie Watts were welcomed by over 65,000 people. Actually, that was just the number of thickets the organization put up for sale. No need to say that they were sold out quickly, even the ticket prices were as high as the fame enjoyed by this British band. More than 100 pounds the cheapest ticket for the concert!!