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Oxford: the perfect getaway


As you could see, those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram last Saturday we made a one day getaway to Oxford. This town is world famous for its impressive and respected university, the oldest in the English-speaking world. Although it is unknown the exact date of foundation, there is evidence of academic activity since the 1096, so it has almost a century of history. A century in which its colleges have seen pass through its corridors to twenty-six prime ministers of the country and such notable personalities as Oscar Wilde, JRR Tolkien or Stephen Hawking.

It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in British culture and get away from the big city, walking through the beautiful gardens and discover the buildings that host the brightest minds in the country.



Fancy a wild night out?

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The weekend has finally arrived and you probably fancy a night out with your friends. So do we!! But aren´t you tired yet of the common places? Why don´t you try something different where you can enjoy this lovely weather? We have the perfect plan for you: go to the zoo and enjoy the wildest night ever!!!