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Who said there are not swimming pools in London?


The real summer is finally here!! Is it too hot and you need to cool off? Do you like the beach or you prefer the swimming pool? If you like the swimming pool, London is the perfect city for you!! Britain´s capital has got many of public swimming pools and lidos around the city. Don´t miss them!

Grab some beer and Doritos and chill out with your friends!! But hurry up, you know the summer in London doesn´t last very long…



The Rolling Stones, back to Hyde Park


44 years and one day after their legendary concert in Hyde Park, the Rolling Stones returned last Saturday to the iconic London’s park.  Despite their wrinkles, and their age  (all members are in their seventies) Their Satanic Majesties carried out an energetic two-hours gig. Their offered high doses of rock & roll to the tens of thousands fans who would not miss the show.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Ron Wood and Charlie Watts were welcomed by over 65,000 people. Actually, that was just the number of thickets the organization put up for sale. No need to say that they were sold out quickly, even the ticket prices were as high as the fame enjoyed by this British band. More than 100 pounds the cheapest ticket for the concert!! 


Summer nights at the opera


Located in the heart of the city, Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous squares in London and a must see for anyone passing through London. This is a place with a lot of history and is surrounded by beautiful buildings and iconic landmarks such as the National Gallery and the Nelson’s Column. It is one of the main attractions of London and any tourist guide will recommend you to sit down for a while, so you can enjoy the surrounding environment. But, what if at the same time you can enjoy a ballet o a nice opera?

Every summer, during a couple of nights, the BP Summer Big Screens give you the opportunity “to go” to the opera. The massive screens located on the square broadcast two different performances held at the Royal Opera House.


Borough Market, a real pleasure for the senses


If you have been living in London for a while, sure you think that the city is not famous because of its culinary tradition.

Well, this is not entirely true… Downtown, between skyscrapers and tucked under the arches of a railway station stands the most important food market in the country, called Borough Market, a real traditional market for fresh organic food.

But Borough Market is much more than just a place to buy and sell food. It is a unique place in the city where you’ll find fresh organic food and high quality products from all across Britain and around the world. You will find yourself into a noisy environment, where people are always busy with their routines, and sellers are mixed with customers, tourists and observers. A place which, without any doubt, is a must see.




First of all we would like to welcome you aboard this new adventure.

London Low Cost was born as an idea of two friends, María and Rosa, who settled in London in 2010, with our pockets full of enthusiasm but with short budget. However, that has not been an obstacle to explore everything the city has to offer us. Just one condition: low-cost budget.

We are only two of the thousands of Spanish people that have come to London in the last few years. As most of them, we had jobs we would never have imagined, with hectic shifts and not very good salaries. Due to all these reasons -and the fact that London is not precisely cheap- our budget for going out and leisure was nt that great.